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How To: 365 Photography Project eBook


The ONLY eBook on the market available with detailed advice on how to successfully complete a 365 Photography Project.

In this eBook you will learn how to achieve your own 365 Project directly from The Bell Sisters' who have achieved a total of 6 individual 365 projects theirselves.

The Bell Sisters, Europe’s leading Self-Taught English Photography Experts on Teaching Photography Simply reveal their deepest and most closely guarded Techniques and secret Tips on how to complete a 365 project.  

    80 Page eBook: The complete and ultimate guide to the achieving a 365 Project -- inside we cover the following:-

    • The 7 KEY Principals you need, to complete your very own 365 Photography Project. 
    • How to create STUNNING photographs even in BAD weather.
    • How to stay inspired, motivated and KICK boredom.
    • How to make time to take a photograph.
    • How to QUICKLY take your photograph.
    • Fast and EFFECTIVE Workflow Techniques
    • Foolproof ways to quickly process your photographs.
    • How to complete a 365 Project when you have a busy schedule.
    • Insider hacks to help you achieve a stunning 365 project.
    • How YOU can create an incredible portfolio to build a business.
    • What to do when you’re feeling ill during your 365 project.
    • How to GET INSPIRED when you’ve lost your spark.
    • How to complete your 365 project with a 9-5+ job.
    • Workflow secrets,
    • Composition techniques & Photoshop tricks,
    • Tools for your Portfolio,
    • Tips on creativity,  
    • How to take indoor and outdoor photography, 
    • How to feel and stay inspired,
    • What to do in bad weather conditions,
    • What to do when you have no time in your day  


    EXTRA BONUS: How you can create a foundation for a remarkable business. Whether you want to take portraits part time, sell your photographs on Getty Images, or create a substantial business to replace your current job.

      This 365 Project and this eBook, can take you all the way and give you more than JUST three hundred and sixty five photographs.

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