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The Bell Sisters is owned by three sisters; Olivia, Rosanna and Sasha L'Estrange-Bell.

The Bell Sisters, Europe's leading self-taught English photography experts on teaching photography simply are extremely passionate about photography.

They have built up a huge portfolio between the 3 of them - what started as simply something they loved experimenting with, turned into their own business, which has now been running for 8 years.

They sell their photographs worldwide. They license them to companies for promotional campaigns, book covers, billboards, online articles, etc etc. They also sell their photographs as wall art for personal use to commercial hotels, companies, banks etc. 

Additionally - they love sharing their photography knowledge and processing techniques with aspiring and amateur photographers around the world.

Teaching photographers how to learn photography simply and easily - through their eBooks and/or consultations and online courses - has meant that the techniques, artistic eye and professional finish that has taken them countless hours to achieve, is finally decoded, made easy to understand, so that you can implement it immediately...without having to try and understand all the professional jargon.

Their editing tools, which range from Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions and Texture Packs, are their go-to editing products which they use on all their photographs.

Their principle is that they only sell, what they personally use. Each product is tried and tested countless times before it makes the "cut" and becomes available for others to purchase.

This, in a nutshell, explains their work. If you haven't seen their products or photographs - check out the following links below to explore further. 

Getting Started with The Bell Sisters

If you're here for the first time, then lets get you started!

We recommend kickstarting your photography with our outstanding eBook The Bell Sisters' DSLR Blueprint eBook.

Then follow it with some highly complex processing tools and eBooks.

The Bell Sisters Art

The Bell Sisters' photographs can be seen on, where they are available to licence digitally or as wall art in canvases, prints, mounted prints etc. 

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