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Hot Tips For Indoor Photographs eBook


The Bell Sisters ebook to taking high quality and exceptionally beautiful indoor photographs. 

This ebook is filled with our unique tips and tricks that we use to compose and capture well balanced indoor photographs that can be hard to achieve when you don't know what to do and when to do it. 

Inside this ebook we share the fundamentals and the settings you need to use on your DSLR specifically for indoor photographs and as well in depth styling tips and essential compositions tips.

Inside this ebook we cover the following:

    • How to get LOTS of light in your indoor photographs without using tons of ISO and therefore sacrifice the quality of the photograph(s).

    • How to create STUNNING Indoor Bokeh in all of your photographs using easily-applicable techniques.

    • How to compose your indoor photographs, including good vs. bad examples of composition to help you get it right NOW.

    • In depth styling tips, for indoor still life and portraits.

    • When and HOW to use artificial light to make your indoor photographs beautiful when there is minimal natural light available. No lighting set-up or equipment required to apply these simple, but effective techniques.

    • Learn how to use selective focus, so you get the full impact of every photograph.

    • 10+ ideas for indoor photographs that you can implement right away.

    • How to use you aperture indoors, the most important thing you need to know in order to create flawless, breathtaking photographs.

    • Learn How to EASILY take gorgeous indoor photographs, and reduce 70% of your ‘photography mistakes’. With simple and easy to understand tips, you will immediately take stunning indoor photographs.

    • How to capture gorgeous indoor photographs EASILY, with this easy and straightforward guide, you will find HUNDREDS of ways to create indoor photographs you will love and always feel proud of when you look at them.

    • How to Jump-start your photography, with “Hot Tips for Indoor Photographs eBook” you will learn what setting to have on your DSLR so you flatter your subject.

    • The LATEST tips and techniques that you will understand instantly. NO technical jargon, just straightforward help for outstanding results.

    • This 30+ Page eBook will give you all the information you need, which you can apply NOW for extremely EFFECTIVE Indoor photography.

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