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The Art Of Jump Photography eBook


This eBook is a spectacular in-depth yet simplistic guide written to finally reveal our best techniques to help you master Jump Photography.

In this brand spanking NEW "The Art of Jump Photography" eBook, we explain in great depth with step by step examples showing you EXACTLY how you can take jump photographs with your camera, using our top techniques.

It is very much a to-the-point guide - our aim has been to simplify it and outline each and every tactic we use, to make it easy for you to learn. 

Once you get your hands on the information provided inside this eBook, you'll be able to take stunning jump photographs and add a striking new dimension to your portfolio.

This eBook covers everything from start to finish - including specific tips and advice for the model jumping, DSLR settings, sharp focus, equipment, editing, creativeness and much more. 

More importantly, you will never again be disappointed with the typical problems some have - lack of focus, low jumps, timing issues, etc. The list goes on - this is just tip of the iceberg when it comes down to what we reveal in this eBook.

We share our tried and tested techniques that actually work. Our exclusive, practical advice we have never shared with anyone until now, is now available at your fingertips! 

This eBook covers the following listed below:

    • How you can get your model to jump sky high, without fail, every single time.  
    • Simple, yet detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get PERFECT focus with your DSLR.

    • Detailed explanation on camera settings and what specific settings to use in low-light situations.  

    • Camera equipment guide for jump photography.

    • Composition for jump photography REVEALED - the best tips and exact composition guide on what we do for the most stunning outcome possible.

    • Must-have information that every photographer needs know on what to look for and/or how to help your model with their facial expressions, hairstyling, clothing, timing, etc... which most models are not aware of.

    • How to take self-portrait jumps. 

    • This eBook covers everything from equipment, DSLR settings, composition, modelling, self-portraiture, model styling, post-editing and then finally, once you have the basics mastered... how to get creative.

    • The best editing tools for jumps.. little tricks revealed that we use all the time. 

    • How to make ordinary jump photographs look extraordinary with simple and easy processing & additonal editing.

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